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        Add:Printing base,Cizao Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian China

        About Us

                 Jin Jiang City Jia Jing Auto-parts Co., Ltd. is located along the most prosperous area, Min Nan Golden Delta (Min Nan Jin San Jiao). We specialized in U bolt research and manufacturing.

            Our company was formerly the branch of Wu Ling Auto-parts. We become one of the best and most recognized professions in U bolt productions enterprises in a short time since we began to focus on development in U bolt. “Jia Jin”, “Jin Liang”, “U series” and the original “Wu Ling” series are the best sellers in both domestic and foreign markets. Products are sold country wide, and we’ve become the production base for many different dealers.

            When turning back, a new and long journey in front of us is foreseen. We believe only quality and faith could build the base of the company lead us to success. We are looking forward to be your partners and together we could build a better future.




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